Size guide

The Limey family has been designed to fit almost all types of taps in a modern household.

How to pick the right Limey

Whereas Limey is an allround solution, Limey XS has specifically been designed to fit taps where the aerator (perlator) is screwed into the faucet using a so-called male thread (M).

As a rule of thumb: If you can see the aerator (perlator) visible, then there is a big chance that either Limey or Limey LX can become your little indispensable descaling assistant.

A few exceptions

Some modern taps with bulky heads may be too big for Limey. However, as Limey is made in a sturdy yet stretchable material, its ability to fit may exceed expectations.

For some taps where the aerator is not visible (i.e. build into the actual tap) Limey XS will likely not be able to do the job.

Limey and the environment

Limey and Limey XS have been designed so it does not get lost and so that limescale remover (or vinegar) can be reused on multiple taps. This saves money and the environment. Its packaging has been designed to minimise the use of material.

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